Fort Edmonton, Day 61

Aug 1-3, 1841

George Simpson:

I leave three of my people here to assist in getting the boats up from Fort Assiniboine in the Mountains, and it will be necessary that six or seven of your people should be separated from your party , as with the three men left by me to bring the boats back to Fort Assiniboine in time to transport the Columbians going from York Factory who may be expected by the latter end of August. It is of the utmost importance that every expedition should be used to get your people up to Jaspers house in order that the boats may be available in time for Mr. Mason and his party. Your blacksmiths should be set to work in nail-making immediately upon their arrival here, and they remain a day or two after their families take their departure from For Assiniboine so as to complete their work as they get to the Athabasca River, and are immediately on landing at Jasper’s House, Bernier, Spence, and any other handy men you may have should be dispatched with all Expedition to the Boat Encampment to prepare wood and build Boats by the time they reach the Boat Encampment.

Lent, D. Geneva. West Of the Mountains: James Sinclair and the Hudson's Bay Company. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1963. Pg 130.

George Simpson, Courtesy of The Ontario Archives

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