Fort McLeod (Rocky Mountain House), Day 64

Aug 4, 1841

John Flett:

We overtook our party encamped at old Fort McLeod, an abandoned post of the H. B. company, now known as British Pass, or Rocky Mountain. Here we were compelled to abandon our carts and pack our goods on the backs of the oxen and horses. After long debate about what should be taken and what should be left behind, we at last had our train in readiness and started on our way.
The oxen, however, were unused to this mode of traveling, and were frightened, and a stampede ensued. Then what a sight, oxen bellowing, kicking, running; horses neighing, rearing, plunging; children squalling; women crying; men swearing, shouting and laughing; while the air seemed full of blankets, kettles, sacks of pots, pans and jerked buffalo. At last the cattle were again secured, all our goods that could be found were gathered up and the remnant repacked and we again started.

Flett, John. "Interesting Local History: A Sketch of the Emigration from Selkirk's Settlement to Puget Sound in 1841." Tacoma Daily Ledger, February 1885.

James Sinclair, BC Archives

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