Lake Pend D’Orielle

Sometime between Aug 5 and Oct 4, 1841

John Flett:

On the ninth day after we entered the Rocky mountains we emerged on the western side,
at the Kootenai plain, then through a belt of timber, and then over the Tobacco prairie. To avoid some marshy land which lay in our course we climbed the projecting point of a high mountain, said to be one of the Bitter Root range. Then our route lay through a flat, marshy country until we came to a deep, sluggish river, called by the Indians Paddling river. Then our course lay to the southwest, through a rich country with plenty of grass, until we came to Lake Pend d'Oreille. While traveling along a rocky cliff jutting towards the lake a horse, ridden by one of our women, slipped and horse and rider rolled into the lake, and were rescued with some difficulty.

Flett, John. "Interesting Local History: A Sketch of the Emigration from Selkirk's Settlement to Puget Sound in 1841." Tacoma Daily Ledger, February 1885.

James Sinclair, BC Archives

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