Upper Fort Garry, Day 1

2 Jun 1841
Duncan Finlayson:

HBC Archives P.S.A.C. Deeds and Agreements, 1841," . . I [Duncan Finlayson] cannot do better than to annex a copy of Governor Simpson', instructions ... dated London 10 th Septr. 1840 ... "They (the Emigrants to the Columbia) are to take Farms on halves, houses will be erected for them,- Stock, such as Cattle, Sheep
Horses, &c. provided, likewise Agricultural Implements, without any advance being required from them; -- in fact, the Company is willing to provide them with Capital, their proportion of the Capital being labour, and the Company look to be repaid for their advance in the shape of produce, say half the increase of Stock and produce of every kind.

Allotments will be made to each Family of at least 100 Acres of Land (beside the use of Common or Pasture lands) part thereof will be broken up, with the necessary buildings erected for them, and live Stock advanced to each family, of a Bull and 10 or more Cows, 50 to 100 Ewes, with a sufficient number of Rams, Hogs, Oxen for Agricultural purposes, and a few Horses: -in short, as many of those different Stocks, as they may be equal to the management of, all valued at low money prices, the expence of erecting the buildings being a charge upon the Farm, the Cattle valued at £2 a head : the Sheep at 10/- a head ; Horses at 40/- each; and other Stock in proportion; and credit given to them from year to year for their increase produce or returns at such fair prices as the state of the Market may afford.' I have promised to the Emigrants whose signatures are affixed to this Sheet, that, as soon as the Boundary line will finally be settled, on the West side of the Rocky Mountains, between the British and American Governments, and that the Hudsons Bay Company can legally effect sales of Land in that Country, the system of holding Farms on halves will be abolished-provided always, and it is hereby understood, that such will not take place until all Debts and other expenses contracted by and incurred on account of the Emigrants are paid by them, to the Hudson's Bay Company or to their Representative in the Columbia."

McLoughlin, John. The Letters of John McLoughlin, From Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee: Second Series 1839-44. London: The Hudson's Bay Record Society, 1943. Pg 71n.

John McLoughlin, Courtesy of Project Gutenberg

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